``Nature of Demons``

The Nature of Demons is the second book in the Brood of Angels series written by Paul R. Tucker, scheduled for release in June 2024. This highly anticipated dark angel fantasy novel takes place in a fantastical medieval world with angels, demons, dragons, humans and other gruesome beasties.

``Brood of Angels``

Daniel Of Eagles has been ordered to partner with Ariel, a beautiful full-blooded angel, and a band of winged fighters to find the last of the chosen children. Traveling to unknown places of horror, their mission turns deadly as they battle shape-shifters, ghastly demons, and other creatures from the darkness hell-bent on world domination. As evil consumes the realms, Daniel, his friends, and the fate of the Norophim is cloaked in betrayal, chaos, and a shocking discovery, leaving many unanswered questions.


Gabrielle Farrow, a Philadelphia Police Department translator, finds her life changing after a bizarre encounter with a voodoo priest who has told her she’s been cursed by a supernatural force. During her desperate search for answers, Gabrielle joins with a cynical theologian, Simon Whitmore, who is a member of a clandestine, faith-based brotherhood and has been assigned to discover messages from God through parishioners who speak in tongues. The closer Gabrielle comes to the truth, the more she believes a disastrous event will take place in only a few days.

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