A Message

A Message to Supporters: Take The Journey, Angels, Demons and Dragons.

When I first tested the material under my pen name, I thought it may be a challenge to get readers to open their minds to looking at the content in a different and more fantastical way, but I was excited by the response.

“Angels, Demons and Dragons fascinates me, what about you? Join me on the adventure.”

I would like to think everyone for their emails and letters confirming there was an audience interested in the material I love to write. So, I will continue to provide a host of new heroes and villains which challenge the everyday views of what we may believe about the mysticisms in our own realities. I could literary go on for days about my work, but I should allow the series of novels and films to speak for themselves with each increasing with intensity and action.

However, I would like to talk a little about my inspiration for the manuscripts. My mother. Whom I would say we grow up together because she had my siblings and I at a very young age was the core of my inspiration. Before settling as evangelical minster, my mother searched desperately through my entire childhood for spiritual sanctity. During her explorations of these religions, I experience a vast amount of ideologies only to form my own opinions of such things as an adult. My mother and I discuss these views and often pondered over the world of possibilities.

“Imagine a world, where even you could be the descendent of supernatural angels.”

Unfortunately, my mother was stricken with cancer and during her fight with the disease she suggested that I write about some of my thoughts and beliefs no matter how fantastical. So, during the time I was caring for my beloved mother, I decided to explore my fascination with good and evil…angels, demons, dragons and monsters with a plan to provide readers with a series of novels, short stories, films and television shows. I hope you continue to join me for the ride. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy.

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