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A Variety Online Show

Chris Kelly From 80's TV

Chris Kelly from 80’s tv” is a show where we revisit “everything 80s!” And more. The best word to describe the 1980’s was that it was “fun”, so join us for fun moments in 80’s history. Filmed at 4 lion productions, we can find our host Chris Kelly, and his occasional co-host, Lillian Narodowski taking us back. You never know who is going to show! At times, they will be joined by celebrities, friends, and entertaining guests.

Both Chris and Lillian devoted close to five years of their lives in the 80’s on two hot teen tv shows: Dancin’ On Air and Dance Party USA. During this time, they connected with thousands of viewers. It was an experience they’re both forever grateful for and will never forget. They shared the screen with a multitude of other “regulars” as they called them. Visit Website. http://www.chriskellyfrom80stv.com.