Top Shelter-In-Place

Top Shelter-In-Place Activities
Help Flatten the Curve

Currently, the coronavirus is affecting the entire nation, as many people are living in areas that have stay-at-home orders in place. The stay-at-home laws are forcing residents to work and do their schooling from home. This may leave some families at a loss of fulfilling activities. The following is a list of activities that you might want to indulge in while you are sheltering at home.

Book Reading

Book reading is something that you and the entire family can enjoy. The activity can soothe the soul and allow you to take your mind off of the things that are going on in your community. You can choose from a variety of books such as fantasy books, romance novels, biographies and religious texts.

“You can start streaming your favorite movies and television shows on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and more.”

Home Fitness Routines

Engaging in home fitness routines is another idea for you while you are in quarantine. It’s essential to keep yourself mentally, spiritually and physically healthy while you’re spending time at home. A lot of fitness centers have started accommodating their members by offering video workout sessions. You can also download a variety of apps from the Google Play Store or Apple Store that will give you tips on exercises that you can do from home. Everyone in your family can benefit from the activities.

Board Games

Another top activity is to get together with your family and engage in playing some old-fashioned board activities. Titles like Monopoly, Clue and Risk are still popular among families that like to play.

Video Gaming

Now is the time to get the most out of your gaming system. If you own an Xbox or Playstation, you are already halfway to the fun and excitement of quarantine activities. You can take this time to let your true gamer run wild. Dig through your collection and find your favorite titles. Download some new games from the online stores and play with your family. You can even start a campaign or play online with your best friends and mates. You may never get this time again, so you should take advantage of it now. Video games can always take you away to a fantasy world where everything is okay.

Binge Watching

Binge-watching is also an excellent idea for quarantine activities. You can start streaming your favorite movies and television shows on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and more. Many of the sites are offering a free trial to familiarize new customers with their services. The free trials last from three days to 30 days, and all you need is a credit card number to sign up. No money will be deducted from your credit card until your free trial is over, and you may cancel it at any time.

Now you have some ideas about what to do while you’re stuck in the house during this challenging time. You can engage in any of those activities right now to give yourself a fun break from reality. You’ll enjoy the quality time that you get to spend with your loved ones.

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