Tongues: The Awakening

Tongues: The Awakening is a New Book Takes us into a Chaotic World on the Brink of Armageddon.

Life on Earth goes on as usual, unknowing of the disaster that would soon fall upon its people. Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, space weather is going berserk – with the sun emitting massive solar flares. Soon these explosions could reach Earth and destroy what’s left of the ozone layer, leaving destruction in its wake. Could this be the sign that Armageddon is almost upon us?

“What’s So Ever is in the Darkness Shall Come into the Light.” says Paul Tucker”

In a large briefing room at NASA, a special meeting is held between scientists, politicians, and aerospace specialists. Seated among the group is Bishop Charles Henderson, a seventy-one-year old minister, the president’s personal pastor and lifelong friend. This unique gathering have come together to discuss the recent and frequent solar activity that seems to be worsening daily. Although the facts are right in front of them, they are reluctant to accept the truth. Is this an omen leading to the end of the world? Unravel the answers and witness the intriguing events unfold.

Gabrielle Farrow, a Philadelphia Police Department translator, finds her life changing after a bizarre encounter with a voodoo priest who has told her she’s been cursed by a supernatural force. During her desperate search for answers, Gabrielle joins with a cynical theologian, Simon Whitmore, who is a member of a clandestine, faith-based brotherhood and has been assigned to discover messages from God through parishioners who speak in tongues. The closer Gabrielle comes to the truth, the more she believes a disastrous event will take place in only a few days.

“Tongues: The Awakening is written in the present-tense as an exhilarating, modern day fantasy that plugs directly into today’s controversial world of spiritual phenomenon and the mysteries of speaking in tongues…”

Together, Gabrielle and Simon must decipher an unknown curse, defy horrific demons, and discover the mysterious connection between the phenomenon of “tongues” in today’s modern churches to save a city from destruction.

Tongues has overt religious content and is paranormal mayhem written in the present tense to foretell events in our own near future. Surprisingly, these events are happening today.

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