Paul R. Tucker is an American writer, producer, and novelist. He has written numerous TV & Film screenplays, short stories and novels, crafting his work in the drama, high fantasy and horror genres. Mr. Tucker is gaining the representation as one of America’s upcoming authors with a flare for storytelling, coining a style of writing called “iconic surrealism,” involving tales of dark angel fantasy.

"I have this book (Brood of Angels) and I am loving it! It is definitely a great read! I'm already looking forward to purchasing book 2..."

- Tristan Marco - Reader

"Paul R. Tucker has an interesting way of incorporating angels and demons in the fantasy world. I always have a weird love for the bad guy in the books I read (only if written well) and Brood of Angels is no exception."

- Marie S. - Philadelphia PA

"Finally a writer that wasn't afraid to talk about the subject of speaking in tongues... my hats off to you Tuck."

- Lisa Thorton - Atlanta, GA

"Wow, I've found my new favorite writer... Tuck you are profound and amazing."

- Jason H. - Parts Unknown

Independent Film Productions

Paul R. Tucker joined Cosmotro Productions and other filmmakers to produce big screen projects with rights to more than 15 original screenplays and 10 novels. Tucker brings his own unique creative direction to these cinematic projects, ranging from nail-biting horror to new-age sci-fi, hilarious comedy to heartfelt dramas. The first of Cosmotro’s projects are scheduled for release in Fall 2021 and beyond.

Unique Skills

The unique skills of Cosmotro’s in-house pre and post production crews include, screenplay writing, storyboarding, license procurement, location acquisition, filming, sound, lighting, narrative editing, makeup, hair, wardrobe, concessions, contracts, and crew management to name a few.


Cosmotro in-house production crews are a dedicated team of producers, directors, cameramen, writers, and film makers with over 100 years of combined experience in film productions and project management.

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