"I have this book (Brood of Angels) and I am loving it! It is definitely a great read! I'm already looking forward to purchasing book 2..."

- Tristan Marco - Reader

"Paul R. Tucker has an interesting way of incorporating angels and demons in the fantasy world. I always have a weird love for the bad guy in the books I read (only if written well) and Brood of Angels is no exception."

- Marie S. - Philadelphia PA

"Finally a writer that wasn't afraid to talk about the subject of speaking in tongues... my hats off to you Tuck."

- Lisa Thorton - Atlanta, GA

"Wow, I've found my new favorite writer... Tuck you are profound and amazing."

- Jason H. - Parts Unknown

Screenplay Writing

Paul R. Tucker brings his own unique creative direction to small and big budget screenplays, and cinematic projects, ranging from nail-biting horror to new-age fantasy, hilarious comedy to heartfelt dramas. He writes each character to feel relatable with edgy dialogue that is easy to read and actors, directors, producers can clearly see the vision to transform the content into live action productions.

Brood of Angels Series
Short Stories

In Fall 2022, Paul R Tucker will begin releasing short stories inspired by the characters back stories in his Brood of Angels Novels. This collection of work will begin with “The Code of Spiders,” a series of medieval shorts about Ronove Of Bats, a wayward assassin on a mission for revenge, money and power…

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