The second novel in the Brood of Angels book series entitled The Nature of Demons released date has just been announced. This highly anticipated, dark angel fantasy takes place in a magical medieval world full of angels, demons, dragons, humans and other gruesome beasties.

In the dark angel fantasy novel, the “Nature of Demons,” book 2 in the “Brood of Angels” series written by Paul R. Tucker, the song “Sa Oinvi” is depicted as an ominous and terrifying lullaby.

After nearly twenty years of waiting for new video games, D and D fanatics are finally getting the RPG that's been long awaited for. Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is set to a summer launch date of June twenty-second this year.

Currently, the coronavirus is affecting the entire nation, as many people are living in areas that have stay-at-home orders in place. The stay-at-home laws are forcing residents to work and do their schooling from home.

Playing video games has been a favorite pastime for decades, and the popularity has increased to include games for people of all ages, especially many in the 14 to 45 year old age group.